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Keep your eyes here this weekend!

We’re finalizing the details of a very special, limited offer…and we’re going to post it here first! Keep checking this site today and tomorrow, because registered users to this site get first dibs, before the email goes out on Monday. We’ll...


Whoops! We goofed! Looks like we had a typo in one of this month’s Newsflash. SYMPOSIA, A Celebration of Wine at the Kahala Resort on March 13th costs $50 to get into, not $5 as listed. We regret the error.

Paying for the Pali

Effective today, March 5th, a $3 parking fee has gone into effect for all non-Hawai‘i residents driving into the Nu‘uanu Pali State Wayside, and a parking attendant will be on duty. Hawai‘i residents who show a local ID will not have to pay a parking...