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The Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Division of State Parks will be removing two kiawe trees at the entrance to Diamond Head State Monument, off Diamond Head road starting tomorrow, Thursday.

All Tree Services will be trimming and removing the trees at 8 a.m. Thursday, and may continue on Friday, if needed. The park will remain open; however visitors may expect some traffic control safety measures along the park entrance road.

The trees are causing a historic wall on the egress (exit) side of the road to collapse. The wall is more than 50 years old and was the original entry stone wall built at Fort Ruger. A piece of the wall along the road recently fell off during the Memorial Day weekend.

State Parks plans to repair the historic wall, and has discussed the removal of the trees with the Outdoor Circle and Diamond Head Citizens’ Advisory Committee. State Parks plans to replant the area with appropriate native trees such as milo and/or kou, after repairs to the historic wall are completed.

Additional tree trimming will also take place on park perimeter lands from Beach Road on the ocean side of Diamond Head and just past Ruger Baseyard.

received from DLNR Public Information